Top Apartment Amenities According to Renters

One of the best things about renting is the amenities that are included in your rent. If you’ve searched for an apartment recently you have probably seen anything from on-site gyms to movie theatres or even salons. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what amenities are available. It can almost be overwhelming to decide what you need and what may not be necessarily reasonable for what your budget is.

350,000 renters were asked recently by The National Multifamily Housing Council, what amenities they could absolutely not live without and which ones were nice to have but not necessarily a must-have. We are going to dive into what their results yielded and hopefully, it’ll help you decide what amenities are a necessity for you. 

Pet Friendly

67% of Americans own a pet. And many people are buying homes now strictly because landlords don’t allow pets in their apartments. Having a pet is like having a child to many people and that is why a pet owner would never move into an apartment that does not allow pets. Allowing a pet in a rental can be risky, but some landlords will allow it with a small monthly pet fee or pet deposit, and the majority of pet owners are happy to pay this fee. 

And many rentals will even have pet parks attached to the apartment complex with doggy bags and watering stations for your furry friends’ convenience. 

For more about pet-friendly apartments, check out our blog here.

All About That Kitchen

When renters were asked what was one thing they looked for in an apartment, a vast majority said updated kitchens. Updated appliances and granite or marble countertops are not just appealing to the eye, but they are also more reliable than an old, worn-out appliance that will need repairs down the road. Nobody wants the hassle of calling their landlord to get something fixed. Rent can be raised for this type of “luxury” amenity though so keep in mind that a less attractive kitchen may be better for your wallet.

Outdoor Area

The main focus when looking for a rental is typically the apartment itself, but that’s not to say that an attractive outdoor area doesn’t seal the deal for some people. Many renters are looking for apartments with a pool and a small patio area so that they can beat this Arkansas heat whenever they are off work and relaxing. Other outdoor amenities that many renters said they look for are

  • Community gardens
  • Fenced yards
  • Dog parks
  • Tennis courts
  • Rooftop lounge areas
  • Grilling areas
  • Balconies
  • Curb appeal 
  • Hot tubs

While the focus is on outdoor amenities, it wouldn’t hurt to note that many renters appreciate an apartment that has enough parking not only for them but for their guests as well. Covered parking or even personal garages for the apartment complex is preferred as well.


Location may not necessarily be a physical amenity, but it is something that rentals take into consideration when choosing their apartment. Is the location close enough to walk to their favorite stores, restaurants, or nightlife scene? If a student is renting, they will be more interested in an apartment that is close to the university for easy access. 

Walk in Closets

Walk in closets and storage space were in very high demand of renters looking for an apartment to call home. Large cabinets, pantries, and space to store your belongings will make you feel more comfortable and at home than seeing all of your storage bins stacked up in the corner of your apartment.

Washer and Dryer

A washer and dryer are highly sought-after amenities for apartment hunters. And we aren’t talking about the ones where you have to lug your laundry down three flights of stairs and fight off a neighbor for the last good washer that you have fed quarters into to make it work. We’re talking about a new, and well-maintained washer and dryer right there in the comfort of your apartment.


While there are many amenities that we could go on about, these were the main ones that were repeated time and time again. However, it doesn’t hurt to mention the few other amenities that were brought up as well, such as 

  • Smart home features such as Ring thermostats and electric car outlets
  • On-site movie theatre
  • Business station
  • Ping pong or game room

The list could go on and on, but what is important to you may not be important to someone else. When searching for an apartment, you have to consider what you absolutely are not willing to live without and what may not be worth the money to you.

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