Can I Have a Pet in a Furnished Apartment?

67% of households own pets in the United States. So whenever it comes to renting, it can get a bit complicated. Most landlords are completely fine with their tenants having fish or turtles as pets, but tend to be a little pickier about dogs and cats. That’s not to say all landlords are against your fur babies. Sometimes an apartment listing that says “no pets” just needs a little persuading. We are here to help give you a few tips on how to find your dream apartment and how to rent with pets!

Pet-Friendly Apartments

While you may think it is a good idea to just move into a rental property without letting your landlord know you have a pet, we highly recommend that you do not. There are listings that advertise as being “pet friendly.” Living in a pet-friendly apartment rather than lying to your landlord could keep you from being in breach of your lease that could result in being kicked out of your apartment.

Ask Your Landlord

While there are pet-friendly apartments, there are also non pet-friendly apartments that may be willing to change their minds. It is not always a hard no when it comes to pets, whether it says so or not. If you are honest with your landlord and hear why they are worried about pets, you may be able to convince them otherwise. You want to show your landlord how well behaved your pet is, and even offer a pet deposit.

Provide Pet References

If your landlord agrees to let you move in with your furry friend, be sure to provide references for your pet. If you come prepared with a letter from a previous landlord, you may gain his trust in your pet.

Provide a Pet Resume

If your pet has been trained or spayed or neutered, it is important to let your landlord know. Let them feel confident in your pet whenever you ask if they can move in with you. You can create a pet resume with all the information that makes your pet look as appealing to be a tenant as possible. We suggest including information such as when and where they were vaccinated, proof of being spayed or neutered, dates and location of training, etc.

Fees and Deposits

There is a difference between a pet deposit and a pet fee. A deposit is just like the security deposit you pay when moving into an apartment that may be given back at the end of your lease if the lease is followed. The pet fee is non-refundable. Your landlord may ask that it all be paid at once or broken into monthly payments so that you have higher rent. These fees and deposits are to cover any cleaning that may need to be done or damage that may need to be repaired once you move out.

Let Your Landlord Meet Your Pet

If you can tell that your landlord is feeling uneasy about you moving in with a pet, it may be a good idea to set up a time for him/her to meet your pet. They can see how amazing your pet is and hopefully fall in love with them, just as much as you are.

Set Up Renters Insurance

If you are unsure if your pet will cause damages to your apartment or not, it may not be a bad idea to invest in renter’s insurance. If your pet were to hurt someone or damage the property, renter’s insurance would cover that for you.

Sign a Contract

Whether you sign a lease for a pet-friendly or a not pet-friendly apartment, make sure that you get it in writing that your landlord agreed to let you move in with a pet. You want to be sure that all the fees and deposits are written out in your lease as well. If any changes are added or taken out of the lease, be sure to have your landlord sign next to those changes. This will protect you down the road if your landlord tries to say that your pet was not approved.

We are big fans of pets at Arkansas Suites and want to help find you and your furry friend your dream apartment!


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