Do Furnished Apartments Allow Pets?

When you’ll be traveling for an extended period of time for work, a furnished apartment is your best bet for accommodations. It’s equipped with everything you’ll need to feel at home, including pots and pans, linens, cooking supplies, and more– eliminating the need for constant takeout in a cramped hotel room.

However, if you’ll be traveling with your pet, finding accommodations that work for both of you might be a slightly bigger challenge.

What is a furnished apartment?

Furnished apartments, like those provided by Arkansas Suites, are apartments designed for extended corporate travel. These apartments are also known as “corporate apartments” for that reason!

They’re more competitively priced than hotels, and include many more amenities. For example, all of our rentals include a spacious living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom, a fully-stocked kitchen, and a balcony!

A furnished apartment is a place of your own, for as long as you’ll need it.

Who uses corporate apartments?

If you’re taking on a temporary relocation or assignment for your job, you’ll need to find a place to stay for the duration of the assignment– and the costs of a hotel that charges by the night add up very quickly.

You might also use a furnished apartment during the process of moving to a new city, or even while moving within your city. People seeking outpatient medical treatment also find furnished apartments useful.

Often, people in these positions have pets– and any pet lover can tell you that where you go, your furry friend goes, too.

What should I do if I need a place that accommodates pets?

It can be challenging to find a place that allows pets, especially on a long-term basis. Some hotels and short-term rentals have strict rules about pets. If you try to break them or sneak your pet in unnoticed, you might find yourself looking at heavy fines.

It’s best to find a place that explicitly allows pets– if you’re not sure what the policy is, it’s always better to ask first than find out later.

So do furnished apartments allow pets?

Like most hotels and other rentals, pet policies will vary from place to place.

However, Arkansas Suites is committed to finding the absolute perfect corporate housing for your needs– and if your pet will be accompanying you on your travels, we’ll find a place that works for both of you!

The difference between staying in a tiny hotel room and a fully-furnished apartment in close proximity to a dog park will make a world of difference to you and your pooch.

I’m ready to find the perfect corporate housing!

Our Basic, Deluxe, and Executive service packages ensure that every rental is perfect for your specific needs and budget. We pride ourselves on offering housing that truly makes a home away from home, and we’ll work closely with you to find the best rental in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Bentonville, Rogers, or Fayetteville. 

If you’re ready to get started, send us a message or give us a call today!


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