How to Make a Furnished Apartment Feel Like Home During the Holidays

2020 has been a strange year, there is no denying that. Many people are spending the holidays alone, away from their loved ones. We want to help you feel the holiday spirit in your furnished apartment.  Whether you like to keep it simple to escape the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the holidays, or you like to fully indulge in the Christmas spirit, we have tips and tricks to make your place feel like you are back at home.

Keep It Simple 

Home can have a different meaning to everyone. Some homes are filled with holiday decor everywhere, and others like to use their home as a safe space to relax and unwind. If you have a very minimalist style, we suggest keeping your holiday decor very simple. Remember, this is your space and it should feel as such. Keep your home festive by trading out throw pillows for a couple holiday pillows or throw blankets. A wreath on your door will show that you are not a Scrooge to your neighbors. Or even putting up a small tree with lights can be elegant and simple. We have noticed many people not using ornaments this year, but just lighting up their trees.

Smell Like Christmas

Remember being a child and walking in from the snow to the smell of fresh baked sugar cookies, waiting to be decorated for Santa? Or cutting down a tree with your family and loving the smell of fresh, crisp pine in the air? You can easily bring yourself back to those memories by lighting scented candles in your furnished apartment. Familiar smells can trigger happy memories and we could all use a little more of that this holiday season. 

Go All Out

Some of us do not have a minimalist style and we like to make our apartments feel like a Winter Wonderland. While you may not have gotten to choose the furniture that is in your apartment, you can pick furnishings that are your style. 

1. Hang Christmas lights

Make your apartment feels like home by hanging Christmas lights around your bedroom. There is something cozy about watching your favorite Christmas movies under the glow of Christmas lights. Throw in some hot cocoa and you will be feeling festive right away.

2. Change Your Bedding

Your bedding can be dressed up with a holiday throw or a few decorative pillows. The best time to shop for holiday decor is right after Christmas whenever the stores mark everything down half off, or more. 

3.Bathrooms Can be Festive Too

If you are a fellow holiday lover, you will find joy by switching out your shower curtain for something a little more festive. Throw in a bath mat to match and you will step out of the shower into your own winter wonderland.

Enjoy Holiday Traditions

Studies show that continuing holiday traditions from your childhood spark joy whenever you are older. Whether you are away from home or not, indulge in the traditions that you loved growing up. Hop on a zoom call with your family and bake cookies together. Call a loved one and screen share your favorite holiday movies. You can even watch candle light services on YouTube if you are unable to go in person. Now is also a good time to start your own new traditions.

Host a Holiday Party

We have mastered the art of virtual parties this year. Being away from your family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your family on the holidays. Once your house is decorated, share it with the people you love via Zoom. 

If you are able to have people over, invite a couple close friends over for a cocktail hour or a gingerbread house decorating competition. There are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with a small group of friends.

Your furnished apartment has unending possibilities to make it feel like home. We encourage you to decorate, bake cookies, light candles, do whatever it takes to feel the joy of the holidays in your home.

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