Corporate Housing vs. Airbnb

Whether you are traveling for business or you are making a short term extended stay to be closer to family, or just enjoying a few weeks in NorthWest or Central Arkansas, it may be your first thought to book an Airbnb. It is no secret that Airbnb’s have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Airbnb is chosen over hotels time and time again. But what if we told you we had an even better option? An option that offers luxury living, safety, and a  guaranteed place to stay with no hidden fees or unwanted surprises.

Arkansas Suites offers clients a Corporate Housing option that is guaranteed to impress! Why do we think you should choose us over Airbnb? Let’s break it down for you.

Keep It Professional

A client of ours recently stayed at an Airbnb for a quick family trip to Dallas for a wedding. While they were there, the owner of the Airbnb had full control of the air conditioning unit from their phone and kept it locked on 78 degrees the entire weekend. This led to an uncomfortable baby who did not sleep well at night, therefore keeping the rest of the house awake too. And not only that, the hot tub that our client paid extra to have running over the weekend was not turned on. They had to contact the host and have them come out to the house to turn it on. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a complete stranger in the home you’re staying in with your family. We’ve heard this and countless, even worse, horror stories about Airbnb trips gone wrong.

At Arkansas Suites, you do not have to worry about those uncomfortable situations where you are waiting for the owner of the home you are staying in to show up and fix something for you, questioning why you’re wearing shoes on their carpets, or judging you for the baby throwing a tantrum in their living room. It’s completely ok to get comfortable and feel at home in our corporate apartments and suites. 

We don’t live in our apartments during part of the year and rent it out during other parts of the year, so that means we don’t have strange rules you have to follow that make you feel like you are, quite literally, in someone else’s home. We offer you privacy and the ability to get your work done without any interruptions from the owner needing to show up for any reason they may have. 

Hospitality is Key

Whenever you book with AIrbnb, you truly do not know what you are getting, simply because the “landlord” is not necessarily a professional, but an individual that changes from stay to stay. You may have a great experience at one Airbnb and then a few weeks later have a horrible experience. With the landlord being a private individual rather than a company, you do not have anyone to complain to and get your money back if there is a problem. 

While we aim to please, and hope you never have any problems during your stay with Arkansas Suites, we do give you the option to reach out with any complaints and have them fixed for you. 

We can promise there will be no issues with double booking or any other discrepancies during your stay. We take pride in being professional and offering you the best stay at a price that won;t surcharge just because there is a big game or event going on during your stay.


While Airbnb is capable of giving a discounted monthly rate for extended stay guests, they are built to give nightly prices. Airbnb hosts can change their pricing at any time. You may check the pricing for one weekend and see a reasonable cost, and then a few weeks later notice the pricing has doubled or even tripled. This is because Airbnb hosts can surcharge their units whenever there is a big game or concert going on. We, at Arkansas Suites, keep our prices fair and offer our monthly pricing on corporate apartments that are typically far less expensive than a month in an Airbnb.

Who is Liable?

Have you ever had something stolen, been cancelled at the last minute, or had a charge that you were unaware of from your Airbnb? Or even worse, have you known someone hwo hs been injured or even died while staying at an Airbnb> Whenever these unfortunate occurrences happen, who is liable? In an article written by The New York TImes, the question of safety and insurance of Airbnb’s was raised. 

At Arkansas Suites, if an unfortunate situation arises, we have easy to understand  insurance coverage. To discuss any questions you may have about liability and insurance, contact us here.

Airbnb or Corporate Housing?

At Arkansas Suites, we aim to give you the most comfortable, private, and luxurious living situation during your stay at the best price possible. We take care of all of the headaches for you. It’s truly as simple as filling out a form. While Airbnb can be a great option for bachelorette trips, and travel, it can also turn out to be a miserable experience that you will regret having to relive when your friends ask you how your stay was.

Take the guesswork out of your living situation, and book with Arkansas Suites – the right choices, always.

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