Furnished Apartment vs AirBnB?

It’s no secret that if you stay in a nice place while travelling, it can make your trip. And if you end up in a run down apartment or hotel, that is a 30 minute Uber drive from where you want to visit, it could ruin your entire trip as well. 

AirBnb has become increasingly more popular in the last few years. We live in a time where everyone wants everything right at their fingertips, and to be as convenient as possible. 

Well, Airbnb has marketed itself as just that. You type in the city you want to stay in and the dates you will be visiting, and they give you a list of houses or apartments you can rent for the time allotted and how close those locations are to the areas you want to visit. 

And what about a furnished apartment? What sets itself apart from AirBnb and how do you know which one to choose while travelling for work or even for bleisure travel? 


There are many factors that make AirBnb attractive to travellers. 


Depending on the owner of the Bnb property, a discounted rate for an extended stay is possible. However, Airbnb is designed to give rates by the night and not for an extended amount of time. You may check the price for specific dates and see a very reasonable price and then for uncontrollable reasons have to reschedule your trip and the rate may increase 2 to 3 times your original cost, based on what is going on in the area at the time of your booking. Airbnb can surcharge their prices if there is a sporting event or a music festival, or other entertainment during the time you are travelling. 

And while the price may seem very reasonable compared to hotels or even a corporate apartment, the hidden fees will surprise you at the time you go to put in your final payment. This is where you will find fees for cleaning, the Airbnb service charge, damage deposits, and more.


Airbnb has locations in over 200 countries worldwide and has over 5.6b million active listings. That gives travellers a lot of options when looking for a palace to stay. You have the option to stay in a residential area, as well as a large city, secluded cabins, etc. The great thing about Airbnb is that most of the time these are someone’s home, which means it can feel like home to you as well with amenities that you are used to that you wouldn’t find in a hotel.

They don’t give you the option of staying in a house or apartment, but depending on the area you are traveling to, you may be able to rent a castle, a bed and breakfast, an entire apartment or home, a camper. The possibilities truly do seem endless.


At Airbnb, your host is the one who chooses the rules for where you stay. That can be anything from how many people are in the home, what time you need to arrive, how the space needs to be cleaned before you leave, etc. Many people find this to be nerve-wracking because it is unpredictable and changes with each host at each different location. And there is not always a set list of amenities or services in the contract, which leaves guests not always knowing what to expect.

Furnished Apartment


Furnished apartments through Arkansas Suites have the pricing laid out very clearly for our guests to understand. We won’t surprise you with hundreds of dollars in hidden fees.  And we came into the business to serve those who need a place to stay for an extended amount of time. That is why we keep our prices reasonable and offer monthly costs that are typically far more affordable than Airbnb.

While we aim to please and hope you never have any problems during your stay with Arkansas Suites, we do give you the option to reach out with any complaints and have them fixed for you. 

We can promise there will be no issues with double booking or any other discrepancies during your stay. We take pride in being professional and offering you the best stay at a price that won’t surcharge just because there is a big game or event going on during your stay.


Similar to Airbnb, you can find furnished apartments globally as well. We at Arkansas Suites serve the Little Rock Metro and Bentonville Metro area for our Arkansas guests. We offer listings in many different neighborhoods in these areas and even offer you a guide of things to do and places to visit while you are staying with us. That way you can know where to find the following


  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Sights to see

We take transportation into consideration when choosing where our furnished apartments are located so that our guests can get from point a to point b with ease. In comparison to Airbnb, the types of places to stay are more limited. We only offer apartments. We do aim to give you the most convenient stay possible and you can always call to speak to one of our real-life service representatives. 


What sets us apart from Airbnb is that we aim to make you feel at home, no matter where you are coming from or where you are staying. We want you to be as comfortable and prepared as possible and that is why we list exactly what you can expect to have in your furnished apartment whenever you arrive so there are no surprises or things you forgot to pack because you assumed we would have it. We can assure you that each apartment will have

  • Sofa and Loveseat or oversize chair
  • 3 piece cocktail set with 2 lamps
  • TV Stand and 42-inch Flat Screen TV
  • Dining Table with 4 chairs
  • Queen-size bed with headboard with high thread-count bedding
  • Chest of drawers or Dresser
  • Nightstand with Lamp and alarm clock
  • Dishes, glasses, coffee cups, and silverware for 4 – 6
  • Pots and pans, cookie sheet, baking sheet, casserole dishes, mixing bowls, plastic storage containers
  • 4 – 6 Kitchen hand towels and dishcloths each
  • 4 – 6 Body towels, Hand towels, and washcloths each
  • Shower curtain, hooks, and bath mats
  • Miscellaneous items: Iron, Ironing Board, Mop, Broom, Dustpan

Which is best?

Both Airbnb and Furnished Apartments have their pros and cons if you were to sit down and make a list of each. If you are travelling for an extended stay, whether it is due to military assignments, travelling for work, or needing to be close to one of our incredible medical facilities in Arkansas, we believe you will be most comfortable in one of our furnished apartments. 

We would love to speak with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have about booking a furnished apartment. 

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