How Long Can a Visitor Stay in My Apartment?

Having guests staying at your apartment probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people. After all, it’s your home, and it’s only natural to have the people you love staying there, whether it’s a significant other or family on an extended trip.

However, in the eyes of a landlord, guests can become a tricky subject. While it might seem like it’s none of the landlord’s business who you have in your home, it actually does begin to affect them after a certain point.

The reason for this is because they selected and approved you as a tenant, running a background and credit check and going over the requirements for living in the rental unit, like where to park and other basic housekeeping regulations that a tenant who has signed a lease is legally required to adhere to. 

If you have a guest staying with you for more than a few nights, that’s someone who has not signed a lease and has no legal obligation to the property, but is utilizing the premises anyway.

Can I have visitors in corporate housing?

Corporate housing is a little bit different than typical apartment rentals because the rental period is often much shorter. A corporate apartment is kind of like a cross between a typical apartment, an Airbnb or short-term vacation rental, and a hotel room. Usually, people who live in corporate apartments are either traveling for business or in the process of finding a more permanent place to live in a new city. 

Because corporate apartment rentals are different from typical rentals, some of the rules and regulations might be different. Upon agreeing to rent an apartment in a furnished, corporate apartment in Arkansas, short-term tenants are subject to the guidelines set in place by the property owner.

The short answer to “can I have visitors?” is yes. Just like you would in a typical rental apartment or hotel room, you’re permitted to have visitors. Your shorter-term apartment is your home for the time being, and it’s normal to have guests over to a home.

What if I want a long-term guest to become a tenant?

It’s not uncommon for a tenant in a shorter-term corporate apartment to have a guest who they decide to cohabit with. Perhaps a tenant meets someone in the new city they’re planning to move to, and while they’re still in the process of purchasing a permanent home, they decide to move in together with their new partner.

Property owners and building managers are familiar with this situation, and might even include their preferred protocol for it in the rental agreement or any paperwork a renter might sign upon moving in. 

The individual preferences of each property manager will differ, but adding an additional person to your rental agreement is certainly not unheard of. 

Some apartments have regulations specifying that only a certain number of people can live there, due to occupancy and zoning laws. One person becoming a tenant is typically much more feasible than an entire family moving in.

So how long can a visitor stay in my corporate apartment?

There is no set-in-stone number of days for a visitor to turn into a tenant, because all landlords and property managers have different preferences. Especially with shorter rentals like corporate housing, adding another tenant might require a new rental agreement to be drawn up.

However, there is a general rule of thumb for guests anywhere in Arkansas, for any type of rental unit, from a home to a studio apartment. This rule will be included in most leases and rental agreements, and it will state that guests are permitted to stay for under 14 consecutive days while still being considered a guest.

Generally speaking, if you have a guest staying with you for under two weeks (and they’re being quiet and respectful of the property), it shouldn’t be an issue in the eyes of a property manager or landlord. 

However, to avoid legal troubles and potential issues down the line, it’s always preferable to speak openly and honestly with your landlord or leasing agent to determine the best course of action for you, your guest, and the property owners.

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