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What to Cook When You Are on an Extended Stay in a Corporate Apartment

December 3, 2018

“What should I cook today?” The mind-numbing question you seem to be asking A LOT when you’re on an extended stay in a corporate apartment.

We know you are worried that you have limited options to cook during your extended stay in a corporate apartment. You’re tired, you already have too much on your plate, and above all, it may not exactly feel like home.

BUT! There’s no reason NOT to try, right? From appetizer to main course and dessert, here are our top 3 recipes you need to try ASAP.



1. A Scrumptious Appetizer for Your Extended Stay in a Corporate Apartment

“Biscuit Canapés”, as difficult as the name may sound, you can try out this recipe with absolute ease. It’s time to get creative with that salty pack of biscuits you brought last week in grocery shopping. Without further ado, grab these: salty biscuits, oil, corn, cheese, salt & pepper, and turn the flame on!


Where is the pan? Your corporate apartment already has one! Stir-fry corn, sprinkle some salt and pepper if you like a spicy twist then add a pinch of red chili (or don’t). Else, a squeeze of lemon can turn the taste 180 degrees if you want to spice things up. Now simply, put the corn mix on the biscuits, top it with grated cheese, garnish with coriander leaves and you are good to go! Premium tip: use boiled chicken shreds in corn mix to level up the taste.


2. A Mouthwatering Main Course

Bet you have a can of plain mushrooms in your fridge. YES! The fridge your corporate apartment came well equipped with. The real work is to call out the nearest grocery delivery service and ask them to deliver; boneless chicken, spiral pasta and a pack of cream! Guess what? We are going creamy for the main course!


Its Mushroom cream pasta with chicken chunks for a real munch – nom nom. Grab a knife from your furnished corporate apartment’s kitchen drawer, cut the chicken into cubes, and meanwhile, start boiling pasta. Fry chicken chunks till they turn brown, add salt and black pepper to taste, add boiled pasta to fried chicken, cream it all up and turn the stove off! Top the pasta with lush green mint leaves! Bonus: pair your pasta with a chilled drink.


3.  A Delightful Dessert

We were thinking “Nutella Rolls”! Sounds intense? Wait…everything is available! Are you saying you don’t have Nutella, eggs, bread, and strawberries in your fridge? These are the MUST-HAVES for the fridge of your corporate apartment. Now get your hands on the ingredients because we got some work to do.


Cut the sides of the bread and flatten it with a rolling pin. Simply spread Nutella on that piece of bread, put chopped strawberries over it and roll out the bread. Now, it’s time to dip the Nutella roll in whisked egg and shallow fry on medium heat. Experience enhancer: enjoy your rolls with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Yummy!


Feeling hungry already? We know you are. When you choose your corporate apartment carefully, living in a corporate apartment on an extended stay turns into FUN instead of overwhelming.


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