What is Bleisure Travel? What Are Bleisure Travellers Looking For

So you’ve been called out on a business trip? Who says you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re in a new city? You deserve a little leisure time while you are on your business trips. So what exactly is bleisure travel and what are bleisure travellers hoping to find?

What is Bleisure Travel?

According to XotelsBleisure is a term used to describe travel that combines both business and leisure, by not committing to one purpose solely. People on a bleisure trip will typically add some extra days to their business trip in order to relax. This is often due to the fact that they have conveniently travelled to a holiday destination as part of their business trip. The term bleisure is also valid when describing a leisure trip that transforms into a business trip. It may be claimed that the combination of leisure and business during a business trip can reduce the stress that is accompanied by travelling. Thereby turning the business trip into a more pleasant experience. This might also positively translate into the business which is conducted during the trip.”

Some things that may be included during bleisure travel are sightseeing, biking, kayaking, attending concerts, etc. 

Some other terms that are interchangeable with “bleisure” are 

  • Bizcation
  • Workcation

Adding extra time to your business trip so that you can enjoy some leisurely activities can actually increase morale among the travellers and reduce their stress. This is a win-win for the traveller and their employer because typically, the traveller will come back to work refreshed and ready to take on challenges at work. If you allow your employees to go on bleisure trips, more employees will be willing to take these “bizcations.”

Why is Bleisure Travel Growing?

With Millennials being the largest percentage of today’s workforce, we are seeing a rising trend in how much money is spent on travel. The average millennial plans on taking at least 5 trips per year. This may be surprising to many, but it was said that they prefer to spend their money on travelling and enjoying life whether they are in debt or not. Travelling for business grows by 7% every year and according to Expedia, and 43% of all business trips are extended for leisure purposes. 

So with travel becoming more of a necessity among the majority of the workforce, and businesses requiring more business trips, who is the ideal traveller, and what are they looking for?

Who is the Bleisure Traveller?

As we stated above, the bleisure traveller is typically millennials, but that does not mean it can’t be anyone who enjoys leisurely travelling while on business trips. Bleisure travellers tens to travel at least 4 times a year. There is not one specific industry that bleisure travellers work in. Women typically are more likely to leisurely travel than men. 

What are Bleisure Travellers Looking For?

Why do bleisure travelers travel? Expedia Group dove deep into this and did a study to find what bleisure travellers were looking for. So what exactly is it that they found during their study? Let’s take a look. Bleisure travellers tend to look at what is going on in the area that they are having to travel for work to first. For example, if there is a music festival or a big sporting event, or even just scenic areas such as beaches or mountains, they may extend their trip for bleisure travel. 

  • 48% of bleisure travellers said they extend their travel if they have something entertaining to do in the area or if it is a fun city.
  • 43% of bleisure travelers will extend their travel if they are traveling to somewhere that is on or near their bucket list locations. 
  • 38% of bleisure travellers will extend their travel if the city they are visiting is easy to navigate.
  • 37% of bleisure travelers will extend their travel based on how many days they are already in the city they are visiting.
  • 37% of bleisure travellers will extend their travel based on how close their trip is to the weekend. If their trip ends on a Friday they may not have to ask for any extra days from work because they can just enjoy their weekend in the city and then fly back before work on Monday. 
  • 37% of bleisure travellers will extend their travel based on what the additional costs will be for the personal things they want to do on their trip.
  • 34% of bleisure travellers will extend their travel if the location they are travelling to is a recreational area. For example, if there is hiking, mountain biking, trail riding, etc.
  • And lastly, 32% of bleisure travellers will extend their travel if their friends can come along too.

Bleisure travelers want to stay in hotels, BnB’s, or short-term apartments in the city that they are traveling to based on a few different factors. A few of these are 

Bleisure travel is becoming increasingly more popular and we only foresee this trend to grow in the future. AR Suites welcomes all outside travelers to our short-term furnished apartments, and we look forward to working with you.

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