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How to Make Your Short Term Apartment Feel Like Home

November 2, 2017

Sometimes, knowing that the apartment you’re staying in is only yours for a short amount of time can make it feel like it isn’t home.

This doesn’t have to be true, though.  In fact, you can make a short term apartment feel like home quite easily.  Using these tips, you’ll feel at home in no time.

Make It Smell Like Home

We all develop an attachment to the smell of our home, whether we realize it or not.  Carrying this smell over to a temporary home will help make it feel more comfortable.  One way to do this is to use candles that carry the same scent as your last home.  Another way is to wash everything from your sheets to your blankets with the same laundry soap you used to use.

Another trick is to cook your favorite meal often so that the aroma of that meal frequently fills up your short term apartment.

Get Standing Picture Frames

Even if you can’t hang photos on the walls, that doesn’t mean you can’t have pictures.  Get some standing picture frames and fill them with pictures of your family and friends.  Then, place these frames around your apartment.  Try to put at least one frame in every room, so there is a touch of home everywhere.

Get a Throw Blanket

Even if your short term apartment already has a couch, a couch doesn’t make a place a home.  We all get attached to the feeling of having a cozy blanket, so that is exactly what your short term apartment needs.  Get a cozy throw blanket and use it as a sweater around your apartment.  When you aren’t using it, leave it folded on the couch so it reminds you of the comfort it brings.

Find a Plant Friend

Blankets, smells, and picture frames are great, but they aren’t living.  There is something about having a living plant in your apartment that makes it feel homier.  Go to a local garden store and look for a potted plant to adopt.  For a short term apartment, it is often best to find a smaller plant.

Meet New Friends

You might not be staying at the apartment for long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your neighbors.  Getting to know those who live around you can help make a short term apartment really feel like home.  Plus, you can also meet some new friends to spend time with.  This is especially helpful in towns or cities where you don’t know anyone. Arkansas has plenty of places to visit and make new acquaintances, click here to check out all of the wonderful spots to go see in the heart of the Ozarks.

The most important part of making a short term apartment feel like a home, is that you start to think of it as a home.  No matter how long you stay at your apartment, if you treat it like a home, it will become one.  Enjoy yourself and enjoy your short term apartment!