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Renting a Corporate Apartment vs. Staying In a Hotel

July 20, 2018

If you’re one of those people who travel a lot for work, renting a Corporate apartment can easily be considered a godsend for you.

There are many ways a corporate apartment trumps living in a hotel or a motel, few of which are listed below.


A Corporate apartment is more cost effective

Believe it or not, a corporate apartment is a lot easier on the pocket when it comes to longer stays. Hotels overcharge for everything they are providing you with, not to mention it feels more like home when you’re in a corporate apartment. Not only that, you get a bigger space in a corporate apartment as compared to hotels or motels which makes the cost worth the place you are living in. You can even have extra rooms at your disposal and you are free to choose a place which is customizable to your personal needs and requirements for the duration of your stay.


It does not involve the hassle of reservations

For anyone who has had a fair share of experience making reservations at hotels knows what a hassle it can truly be. Sometimes, the system works just fine and you check in without hassle, other times you may be asked to wait before your room is ready for you or there occurs a mix up that can cancel your reservation completely, forcing you to find other places of accommodation. This can cause a lot of inconvenience and hassle, two things that people who are travelling do not want added on their travel agenda.


You get bigger space and better amenities

This may sound ridiculous but as mentioned above, hotels overcharge for everything. They also charge you extra for things not included in the room. In a corporate apartment, you not only have a bigger space to live in that feels more like home, you also have more amenities and facilities at your disposal. You may have cable, better working internet, food service that does not empty your pockets, even a home office that is customized to your needs. It all depends on what you are looking for in a corporate apartment and what your needs really are.



Living in hotels deprives you of one thing once you are out of your room; privacy. You come out into the lobby and there’s a hustle bustle of people waiting to check in or check out. Whereas, when it comes to a corporate apartment, you can be out of your room and it will seem like a regular apartment complex (that’s because it really is a regular housing complex). When you’re staying in a place for long durations of time, you do not only want privacy but also a peace of mind to focus on your work, and maybe you are able to focus better without having to pave your way through a storm of people in a hotel lobby.