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How To Make Your Short Term Apartment Feel MORE like home

November 19, 2017

Life can take unexpected turns. A short term apartment can be your simple solution to a complicated situation.

If you’re being relocated temporarily for your job or school, waiting for a more permanent settlement, or anywhere in between, a short term apartment could be your best bet. Just because it’s a short term apartment does not mean you have to make short term memories. Here are more ways to make your short term apartment feel like home.

Get Creative With Your Photos

The first thing to do if you haven’t already is make it feel cozy. Putting in just a little bit of work can make it feel less like short term apartment living and take another step towards comfort. Bring some pictures that you cherish. With social media being a huge digital photo album, go through your accounts and find pictures that you treasure. We suggested frames previously, but you can always use cork boards, or tie string across the wall and hang it from there. Your customization is what makes it unique!

Your Nose Knows

You can associate smells to certain places and memories too, and your nose knows you best. Try using scents that you have used previously or remind you of your favorite memories and reintroduce it now. You can also use candles (bonus points for the ones with wicks in them), oil diffusers, or automatic scent dispensers.

Jazz It Up A Bit

If you aren’t a big fan of your walls, you can grab temporary wallpapers and decals. This lets you have control on what those four walls look like, without the consequences of painting over them. It’s as easy as peeling the back of a sticker off. With the added colors and designs, you can make a place your own.

Speaking of colors, did you know that colors can affect your mind just by association? Bring in a plant to introduce a clean, calming color to your new living space. It doesn’t have to be something big, and if ferns remind you of boring decor from the 70’s, there are more modern style terrariums now that you can purchase. Something so little can offer purpose, especially if you miss a furry friend from home. Now you’re keeping both of you alive during this transition.

Go Out And See The Neighborhood

Find local events that are going on in your area! Checking social media can help find things to do, especially geotags and hashtags of the city on platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be helpful. You might find a group of friends that are in the same situation as you. Getting familiar with your neighborhood and nearby roads could make your stay easier. If you can walk around and explore what is around, you could stumble upon a location that could pleasantly surprise you. Try a new place to eat once a week. We love a routine and it’s so easy to grab food from the drive thru and head straight back to your short term apartment. But changing it up once in a while can make the time go by. Try using websites like Yelp and Urban Spoon to find local favorites to dine next time. You might even find your “spot” when you do this!