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Kinds of Corporate Housing Options You Can Find in the Little Rock Metro Area

December 3, 2018

Little Rock Metro area is always so full of visitors who are on the move to find the best corporate housing options.

Keep reading to find out various kinds of corporate housing you will find specifically in the Little Rock Metro area.


1. Little Rock Condominium

Condos are attractive looking abodes for people who aren’t just looking for a decent place to make their extended stay bearable, but for people who wish to make their stay entirely memorable. They are created for ‘people with unique taste.’


If hardwood floors and attractive looking granite countertops tickle your fancy, then you might have to put your money where your mouth is – ‘Condo Maintenance’. Yes, it may sound like a deal breaker to some, but if you are the kind of person who enjoys little things in life, then this is a no-brainer for you. I mean if you’re going to be there for a while, you might as well make your stay classy & enjoyable, right?



2. Little Rock Single Family Houses

Every traveler or visitor comes with their own unique set of requirements to find their best corporate housing pick in the Little Rock Metro area. Thus, corporate housings include ‘single family houses’. These houses can be customized according to a tenant’s taste- completely! It may cost a bit more than a condo, but nothing beats the comfort of a home!

There are no restrictions to how many people you can allow in your single house once you are a legalized tenant of the house – you rule! Imagine you came to Little Rock area for only two months period but you end up liking the area so much that you wanted to extend your stay. Enjoy the luxuries life has to offer by choosing a perfect single house for your extended corporate stay.



3. Little Rock Apartments

Apartments are a popular temporary corporate housing choice in the Little Rock Metro area. Though the exterior of these rentals look similar to that of your neighbors’, you can, however, customize how you choose to live. When it comes to servicing the place or even furnishing for that matter, everything is taken good care of. These apartments or small units are serviced by the corporate housing authorities. In case, there is water leakage complaint you need to file or the heating system is a little off, no worries, you are in good hands! Just inform the authorities and they will immediately look into the problem.

Moreover, your kitchen comes well equipped with all essential kitchen accouterments. All you need to do is make your grocery list, head to the store, and get that fridge loaded with food.


You see, there is NO one-size-fits-all corporate housing approach! You can choose a corporate housing option depending on your taste, your personality, the nature of your stay, and your budget. So the BEST next step is to contact a professional corporate housing agency like ARKANSAS SUITES to find the corporate housing of your dreams. LESS overwhelm MORE comfort.

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