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How To Fix Common Damage Issues Before Moving Out Of A Corporate Apartment

August 20, 2018

Moving out of a corporate apartment can sometimes be a bit stressful.

Not only because you really liked living there, but also because of the nagging pressure to leave the apartment in impeccable shape.

Because if you don’t fix the common damage issues, you’ll have to pay the price. So to help you avoid a distasteful situation, here are 5 small damages to take care of before saying adios to your corporate apartment.


1. Fixing holes in the walls.

When you move into a corporate apartment, you’re already aware of the nature and time period of your stay, and mostly, it’s a short-term stay. So depending on how particular you are about furnishing and decoration, there must be few holes in the walls for wall hangings, photo frames, and keychain holders.
And YOU, as a resident, are expected to fill those holes before you leave. You can get it done professionally or DIY by filling in the “wall filling paste” in the hole, level it with the knife and run sandpaper to make it even. And you’re done.


2. Fixing Broken Blinds.

Window blinds are very delicate and can be damaged easily. Take a look at them before moving out of your corporate apartment. They can easily slant or break down. You can either fix them yourself (if they are fixable), otherwise go check and find a new one to replace them.


3. Getting rid of carpet stains of your corporate apartment.

Moving out? Take a good look at your corporate apartment’s carpet. You might have unintentionally left some stains on it. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of stain removers out there for your rescue! Go grab one for your help.

Still think that it’s not as clean as you’d like it to be?

Try renting a carpet cleaning machine from somewhere to make your carpet look nice and clean again.


4. General Cleanliness.

Take a walk around the apartment before leaving it. You might have tried your level best to keep your corporate apartment neat and clean. But sometimes you miss small things while cleaning; like corners of window panes, the space behind your bed, the top of the cupboards and the staircase railing.
All you need to do is take a damp cloth and clean these places. If the dirt is stuck like stubborn belly fat, then try using some cleaning spray. Simple!


5. Ignored Floor Scratches.

Most apartments have a wooden floor in the kitchen and living room area. So just make sure that you have not scratched the floor of your corporate apartment.

But what if you are found guilty?

Hah! No problem. Instead of rubbing a colored marker on it or spreading a paste on the floor (what most people would normally suggest you), just clean the floor nicely and see if the cleanliness makes it any better. Otherwise, there’s no harm in letting your landlord know. You’re a human and humans are prone to make mistakes ☺