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4 Benefits Of An Open Floor Plan

March 1, 2018

What is an open floor plan? When you walk in the door of an apartment with an open floor plan you can see the main rooms of the house.

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What is an open floor plan? When you walk in the door of an apartment with an open floor plan you can see the main rooms of the house. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are not separated by walls.  An open floor plan means that the main space of your housing unit is all connected. The kitchen flows into the dining room. The dining room flows into the living room. Sometimes these rooms are used to substitute each other.

Here are why many renters looking for extended stay apartments look for open floor plans.

1. Easy Traffic Flow

Are you a morning person? Or do you often find yourself grabbing breakfast in the kitchen, running to the living room to grab your laptop, then to your front door to put your shoes on, only to remember you forgot your coffee in the kitchen?

Many of us need to move around quickly in the morning. An open floor plan offers easy pathways between the important rooms of the house.

2. A Spacious Feel

A space with an open floor plan feels, well, more open. One of the main reasons apartments are designed with an open floor plan is so that the small space feels larger.  The openness of this kind of floor plan allows for the luxury large spaces renters often look for, for less.

In fact, many small, inexpensive apartments use open floor plans as a solution to their limited space. Why would you need a dining room when you have a functional living room that is also only a breakfast bar away from the kitchen?

3. Host Better Parties

Speaking of a functional living room, an open floor plan is also better for entertaining. Your guests won’t feel closed off to what is happening in the kitchen while you prepare hors d’oeuvres.  

Hosting movie night won’t have you missing any important scenes while you get up to make more popcorn. The kitchen is just off the living room. (Although, really, if your movie-night friends aren’t up for pausing the movie for you for a few minutes, are they really friends?)

4. More Natural Light

An open floor plan means that the natural light from one window can reach all of your main living area. Natural light is key when it comes to interior design. If you live in a small space with limited interior design options, natural light from a window should be stretched as far as possible.

Next time you are considering looking into an extended stay apartment consider the spacious luxury of an open floor plan.