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Unfurnished or Furnished Corporate Apartment – What’s Best for You?

May 16, 2018

When you’re looking for a place to make your home, you may come across some options online.

Whether you want a furnished corporate apartment or if you’re looking for an unfurnished corporate apartment, each side has its pros and its cons, let’s explore them both.


Renting a Furnished Corporate Apartment VS. Looking For unfurnished corporate apartment.

Here are some pros to renting or purchasing a furnished corporate apartment:

You Save Money

You can save money on buying furniture and most Knick knacks that you need around the house, which are very expensive and will definitely cut into your budget of either renting or buying an unfurnished corporate apartment.

Your Landlord is required to meet certain standards of living, by law.

When you go look for one, by industry standards it should be a comfortable place to live in, which means it has a certain amount of amenities and comforts that are classified as standards the landlord has to abide by. Which means, you won’t be renting or buying a place you won’t be comfortable in.

Moving will become much, much easier for you.

You’ll find out that to make the move, the hassle of lugging giant pieces of furniture around (which will be prone to damage) won’t be something you would have to worry about.

Like every coin has a different side, here are some cons to renting a furnished corporate apartment.

Higher Rent and Security Deposit.

The cost is higher. Of course it is, when a landlord is renting out their property to you, their investment is not inclusive of furniture and belongings. This doubles the risk of damage and the investment they made, which means; higher rents.

You may save money on purchasing furniture but in the long run, the higher rent prices might eventually catch up to it and balance the difference out. Your security deposit will also definitely be higher.

Check if your landlord has insurance on his furnishings in the furnished corporate apartment they rent out to you, maybe that will have an effect on the security deposit you are asked to make.

You do not get much control over the décor of the place.

This is definitely a no-brainer. When you move into a furnished corporate apartment, you will find out that most of it is already furnished which means there’s very little room for you to add some personal touches to your own living space.

You may also be limited by some ground rules your landlord has set up to protect their investment from any big changes. Maybe you want to set up a home gym and hang a punching bag from the ceiling but your contract doesn’t allow that. Maybe you want your family pictures hanging on a wall which you cannot drill into. So if you want to personalize too much, it wouldn’t be recommended to move into a furnished corporate apartment.

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