Can I redecorate a furnished apartment I’m renting?

When you are considering renting a furnished apartment, you may wonder if you will be allowed to redecorate in order to better suit your preferred aesthetic for an ideal living area. However, it is important to remember that a furnished apartment, which is often made available for rent on a short-term basis, might have constraints that the typical long-term, fixed-term lease of an unfurnished apartment usually won’t require tenants to follow. Nearly all rental properties, whether furnished or not, do have certain rules with which tenants must comply, such as a prohibition of making permanent alterations like knocking down a wall or adding a door somewhere. However, furnished apartments are likely to have even more requirements for tenants to follow built into the lease instrument. It is important to closely read the lease terms of a furnished apartment in order to understand to what extent, if any, you may be allowed to redecorate.

How to determine whether you can redecorate your furnished apartment

It’s always best to know whether you can redecorate your furnished apartment before you begin planning a new look or purchasing new furniture for your rented space. Here are a few tips to help you know whether you can redecorate your furnished apartment:

Closely read the lease terms

Read the lease terms for your rental property closely to see if there is any mention of the furnishings. They will likely be described in the lease terms, and the lease may directly prohibit you from redecorating in any way. The lease may also lay out what items may (or even must) be provided by the tenant, such as knick-knacks, personal effects, art, lamps, and things like that. However, if your lease terms are not clear on this topic, there are more things you can do to figure this out.

Talk to your landlord or property manager

Your landlord or property manager should be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding the terms of your lease. The safest bet to keep you from violating the terms of your lease is to clarify anything that might seem vague, rather than making assumptions, and to ask for permission rather than for forgiveness after the fact. This can save you lots of money in fees and preserve your good rental reference if you stay on your property manager’s good side, especially when renting a furnished apartment.

Take good care of your apartment’s provided furnishings

Whether you are allowed to redecorate or not, your top priority should always be to take good care of the furnishings present in your apartment. If you make an agreement with your landlord which allows you to redecorate in some way, you’ll want to be sure that the furnishings that your landlord picks up from you are undamaged. Or, if you end up not redecorating at all, you still need to be able to leave your property in as good of condition as you can when you move out. 

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