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4 Ways To Personalize Your Short-Term Corporate Stay

Let’s be real, we all love a personalized fun space even when it comes to staying in a corporate apartment for a short stay. Personalizing apartments to our taste gives us a chance to put our creative capacities to play. This home-like feeling away from your actual...

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Everything You’ll Need for A Corporate Apartment Rental

When you opt for a corporate apartment, you are sometimes unsure of what you will be needing and what will already be provided to you there, especially if you’re having this experience for the first time. Bear in mind that a corporate apartment will be furnished most...

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Renting a Corporate Apartment vs. Staying In a Hotel

If you’re one of those people who travel a lot for work, renting a Corporate apartment can easily be considered a godsend for you. There are many ways a corporate apartment trumps living in a hotel or a motel, few of which are listed below.   A Corporate...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Corporate Apartment.

Renting a new place to live can seem like a daunting idea, especially if you’re looking for a corporate apartment in a decent and safe neighborhood. After all, that area is going to be your home for the foreseeable future. It makes complete sense to ask the right...

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Top 5 Things to do During Your Stay in Little Rock, Arkansas

Your trip to Little Rock, Arkansas might have initially been planned as strictly a business trip, but you might soon find yourself enjoying an extended stay. Whether you stay behind to conduct business or choose to stay a while to explore this unique city, there is...

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4 Benefits Of An Open Floor Plan

What is an open floor plan? When you walk in the door of an apartment with an open floor plan you can see the main rooms of the house. Trying to find a functional space for your extended stay in Little Rock? Arkansas Suites has a full selection of apartments, condos,...

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Benefits Of Renting An Apartment With A Garage

While you are hunting down the perfect furnished apartment, it’s important to consider parking. Arkansas Suites our team is dedicated to finding the right unfurnished or furnished corporate apartments for your relocated employees. Your vehicle is one of your biggest...

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What Defines A “Luxury” Apartment?

Luxury is about more than just comfort and design. Convenience is very important to corporate living. A corporate living space should offer all the amenities and conveniences your guests will need during their stay. Luxury apartments sound like a great place to start....

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3 Things You Don’t Want To Miss Living In Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville might be the third largest city in Arkansas, but it has first-class Arkansas attractions. If you are staying in Fayetteville here are a few things you should check out. If you are using Arkansas Suites to secure your short term apartment, ask us about...

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