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Benefits Of Renting An Apartment With A Garage

March 5, 2018

While you are hunting down the perfect furnished apartment, it’s important to consider parking.

Arkansas Suites our team is dedicated to finding the right unfurnished or furnished corporate apartments for your relocated employees.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest expenses. Aside from getting good insurance and driving safe, prioritizing safe parking is one of the best ways to care for your vehicle.

Here are a few reasons we think some of the best furnished corporate apartments come with a garage. (We think your visiting employee will agree.)

1. Your vehicle will be safe from the weather.

The only weather difficulty Arkansas drivers don’t worry much about is below freezing temperatures. Although, we do have our ice storms once or twice a year. It’s hardly as much of a challenge as the hot summer weather, severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, pests, and the occasional fallen tree.  

A garage will keep your vehicle safe from the elements.

2. You can use the extra space.

If all you are going to use a garage for is storage, it would be more cost efficient to rent a storage unit. A garage should be used first for your vehicle. But there will also be space for a bike, unsightly equipment or appliances you’d rather not keep in the apartment.

There would also be space to store workout equipment, if you prefer to exercise on your own. Just keep everything neatly tucked against the wall. When you are ready to work out, move your vehicle and transform your garage into a temporary workout room.

When the weather is nice, some even use their garage space to host parties. Transform your garage into a space to hang out with friends. Use temporary furniture that can easily be tucked away—like the workout equipment—against the wall.

3. You will always have a parking space.

Parking lots have their challenges. If it isn’t finding a good parking space, it’s having to deal with other residents’ poor parking abilities. A garage would be a place for you to conveniently park your vehicle away from people who don’t know how to park.

4. Your vehicle will be safer from theft and break-ins.

Another obvious reason to store your vehicle safely indoors; it will be safer from vandalism and theft. This is especially important if you drive a luxury vehicle.

5. You won’t have to go through rain or extreme weather to get to your vehicle.

Some of these issues can be solved with designated parking and secure parking lots provided by the apartment complex. However, a garage is the only parking solution that will save you from having to walk through the rain, cold, or extreme heat to get to your vehicle.

Sound nice? Let your Arkansas Suites relocation expert know that you are looking for furnished corporate apartments with a garage.