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5 Ways Corporate Housing Can Save You Tons Of Time And Headache

June 25, 2018

You may have heard a lot of debates when it comes to corporate housing vs hotels or motels, however, what you may not have considered is that when it comes to corporate housing, there are so many things that can save you time, money and hassle on its own.

Corporate housing can stand on its own merits and save you from the following listed issues:


Corporate housing is better for when you need something sorted out.

When you opt for corporate housing, they have systems in place that you can take advantage of. If you have a problem with your electricity or cable, you know what to do and who to call and they will be at your service directly. To deal with people in a hotel, you have to inform the front desk who take their sweet time to have things looked at. Corporate housing gives you an easier living experience and better service.



Yes, some corporate housing arrangements allow you to bring along your pets and that can save you from a lot of time and headache looking for suitable accommodation for your pets. This can be particularly easy for people who really want to be around their pets but cannot be because they are traveling most of the time. Some do not allow pets; however, it is still easier to look for the ones that do, so that you can take your little buddy with you without having to find a sitter for them.


A Home Office

Corporate housing usually comes equipped with a home office, something that allows you to sit and work in peace. This increases your productivity and helps you achieve your purpose of visit in a much easier fashion. It is very hard to find other places of accommodation that provide home offices and even normal apartments do not usually come equipped with home offices.


A Parking Space

In a corporate housing building, it is easier to have your own parking space near your apartment. There is no additional hassle of where to leave your vehicle especially if your work involves travel. This helps you get rid of rentals as an option, saves you time while waiting and looking for cabs or even waiting for a valet to bring your car to you when you have to go to a meeting.


It is easier to find accommodation.

This may sound ridiculous but in corporate housing, it is much easier to find accommodation especially for longer periods of time. If you’re opting for a hotel, you will be subject to seasonal changes, you’ll have to book in advance and sometimes you will also face issues when you reach your hotel. When it comes to the corporate housing, you will see that it’s easier to get hold of a place and to find one that suits your budget as well.


Does this sound like a good option? Contact us. We can help you choose from the available corporate housing in Arkansas.