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5 Tips to Better Decorate Your Studio Apartment

July 17, 2019

Trying to make a studio apartment express your best self? Check out our 5 tips.

There are tricky design challenges, and then there’s figuring out how to decorate a studio apartment. How do you fit the living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one place and still have room to breathe? While decorating a studio requires a bit more planning, the result is well worth the extra effort.

Distinct Separation

Use furniture to divide your studio apartment into “sub-rooms.” The main room of a studio apartment functions as three spaces in one: a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. You can create the feeling of three separate rooms by using the furniture to section off areas.
Couches, armchairs, or loveseats can box off a “living room” area. Your bed can similarly separate your sleeping area.
Rugs, coffee tables, or shelves can anchor your apartment furniture and make your apartment sub-rooms feel more organized.


Don’t let wall and ceiling space go to waste in your studio apartment. Use your walls to add hooks or pegs so you can hang functional items as well as wall decor. And use your ceiling to hang things like pot racks or storage netting to gain even more storage space.

The Bigger, the Better

Don’t shy away from big furniture. Though you might feel like you must go small because you have a studio apartment, a lot of small furniture sprinkled around might make your studio feel cluttered and too busy. Whereas a few smart, larger pieces could make your studio apartment feel even more substantial and airier.

Break It Up

Install moveable dividers. Incorporating dividers help you separate your studio apartment into separate areas. When guests are over, you can divide off your sleeping area for a sense of privacy. Folding screen or ceiling-mounted drapes can take up minimal space in your studio while not in use.

Try to section off the room into aesthetically pleasing ratios. Room sections look most pleasing to the eye if they are divided up into 1/3 or 2/3 proportions.

Keep It Neat

One key to keeping a studio apartment from feeling cramped is dealing with clutter. Messes, including traditional clutter (piles of mail or stacks of magazines), and visual clutter (too many appliances on the counter or chairs stuffed around the table). Try tucking appliances away while not in use in your studio’s kitchen.

Try out these five tips to better decorate your studio apartment today!