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5 Things You Should NEVER Do While Living In A Corporate Apartment

June 25, 2018

When you’re moving into a corporate apartment, there are certain things that you should avoid like a plague.

These may not look like big things or something that matters at the time, but it most certainly can negatively affect your stay at the corporate apartment. Here are 5 of the most crucial things you should not be doing when you are living in a corporate apartment (whether it’s a short-term stay or a longer one).



You should not make permanent changes in the corporate apartment

This one seems like a no-brainer and any person with common sense would say, hey, well that’s already understood. However, what people may not realize is that these changes can be as small as hanging up artwork on the wall or sometimes even changing furniture (if the apartment came furnished). Unless you have already discussed these changes with the person renting out the corporate apartment, then it’s obviously okay to do so. However, if you haven’t discussed these changes, you shouldn’t be making them in the corporate apartment you’re planning to live in.



House Guests for Long Periods of Time

It may seem harmless but living for long durations of time in a certain place does come with its set-in inconveniences. You cannot house another person in your living space without things changing around you, and sometimes not always for the better. They may break something, they may make changes that your landlord might not like, etc. The idea might even not be very pleasing to your landlord, to begin with. You being the one paying for it know the limits, others won’t necessarily respect them.

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Throw Parties

When it comes to dinner parties and small intimate gatherings, sure go ahead and have some. However, when it comes to parties that disturb your neighbors, trash your apartment and displease your landlord, you may want to think twice about that. The person renting out the corporate apartment may even mention in the agreement that no parties are allowed.

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Bring in pets without permission

Unless the building rules state that pets are allowed, you shouldn’t be bringing one into your corporate apartment. There are certain reasons as to why that is the case. The building may not be animal friendly, or some residents may be allergic or find that they do not like pets. Your pet may even damage the corporate apartment you are living in. This is a big issue for landlords sometimes, so if you think you can skirt past this rule without consequence, think again.



Waiting too long to Clean the Deep Hidden Spots

Believe it or not, this is an essential tip. When you procrastinate cleaning the hidden areas of your living space, the buildup, dirt, mold, etc. can cause permanent damage to your corporate apartment and in turn hold you liable for it. Always be pro-active when you’re cleaning your living space regardless of where you are living. This buildup may even invite unwanted pests into the building which you may need to be wary of. Always be clean and healthy and keep your corporate apartment in top shape.