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5 Things to Do in Little Rock on an Extended Stay

October 8, 2018

In the beautiful capital of Arkansas, you sure do not want to waste your time stressing over what to do on your extended stay in ‘Little Rock.’

Let’s stop the stress dead in its tracks. We have a way with designing itineraries. To make the most of your extended corporate stay in Little Rock and take away the best experience back home, we recommend you visit the following places by selecting the mode you are in currently.

Entertainment and Chill Mode:

If your heart is screaming “entertainment” then you need to step out of your corporate apartment and get your accouterment ready for whatever place you choose to visit in Little Rock from the following. ‘Mystery Mansion Escape Room’ is best suited for adults who find pleasure in solving mysteries. ‘Little Rock Zoo’ is at the heart of Little Rock and a must family visit attraction. Lastly, ‘Arkansas Repertory Theatre’ is known for staging huge fun productions like Mamma Mia and more.

Discovery Mode:

There are days during your extended corporate stay when the explorer in you wakes up all of a sudden. That is when you should set your foot on the Little Rock city tour to get an insight into the history of the city. Head to, ‘Butler Center Gallery’, it will give you the cultural flavor through arts and crafts. ‘Museum of Discovery’ and ‘Esse Purse Museum’ are also unique places in Little Rock that are for sure not to be missed!

Food Hunt Mode During Extended Corporate Stay In Little Rock:

Badly craving scrumptious food during your extended corporate stay in Little Rock? This city is embellished with a variety of restaurants like ‘Kemuri Restaurant’, which serves Japanese cuisine. Whereas ‘Brave New Restaurant’ is entirely American with the best steaks in town.  ‘Star of India Restaurant’ is an interesting option if you want to check out Indian food. All these places are a must-visit if you’re a food lover.

Health Care Mode:

Even when you’re on an extended corporate stay, you should look for sports complex and parks in your surroundings to keep yourself active and get in touch with the nature through jogging tracks and all.  ‘Arkansas Skatium’ which is an ice skating place is best suited for people who are looking for a little exercise with a group of people in a fun way. ‘Big Dam Bridge’ is a famous bridge in Little Rock where one should take a stroll to enjoy nature. For a relaxed day, you may want to visit ‘Thai Spa’ for its wellness services.

Retail Therapy Mode:

There are times when money may be able to buy you happiness, especially when you are buying gifts for your family back home.  To buy economical Little Rock souvenirs, ‘Pratt Road Flea Market’ is a good option to check. Similarly, ‘Park Plaza’ that has all international brands under one premises is a must go. ‘The Promenade at Chenal’ known as shopping village should also be visited.

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So! Who says corporate living has to be boring when you are on an extended stay in a new city. Visit what interests you from the aforementioned attractions, and enjoy each and every moment.   For more suggestions of what do in Little Rock, click here.