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4 Ways to Personalize your Short-Term Corporate Stay.

September 5, 2018

Let’s be real, we all love a personalized fun space even when it comes to staying in a corporate apartment for a short stay.

Personalizing apartments to our taste gives us a chance to put our creative capacities to play. This home-like feeling away from your actual place puts you in a comfortable and a happy space, helping you express yourself by experimenting with room equipment, designs, and colors.

You might find the following ways to personalize your short-term corporate stay, helpful.


1. The Bed Matters the Most

Your bed of all the things in the room is your best friend and worthy of your attention to details. The best part about the bed is the comfort it provides, given the mattress and pillows are soft enough to give you that friend like warmth. When it comes to bedding, whether you want colorful patterns on your bed or you’re still that sponge-bob admirer, whoever you are, just let the bedding speak for you. Similarly, investing in a good quality blanket can go a long way.


2. About the Walls, Ceiling, and Windows

No wonder the bed is your favorite place in the whole room but what about the overall ambiance? You are on your bed, you look up or look around and it’s all dull and boring. Your bland apartment will definitely affect your mood and make you feel home-sick. It’s best to add a pop of color or wallpaper on your wall. Wall hangings can also be an option to glam up your short-term apartment stay. With the ceiling, you might want to use shining, star-like stickers to get a welcoming in-room night sky view. Likewise, the windows can be decorated with pretty curtains of your choice.


3. Idea-Inspiring Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most private areas of your living space and a cool place to think about things, otherwise, unnoticed. To make this thinking area interesting, there are various budget-friendly items like glass jars, towel organizers, drawer dividers and colorful towels one can get their hands on. You can also get those makeup shelves and toothbrush holders for cheap prices to add a more organized touch to the entire area’s look. Cute little decoration pieces or flower vases can do the trick too and make the place look appealing.


4. Closets and Furniture

You can definitely use those temporary storage creating tools from your local store that involve easy to use hooks, economical cloth hangers or even those socks and tie organizers can maximize the storage capacity you want. On the closet doors, you might want to put up your favorite life quotations or the photos of your beloved ones to make it look more fun and alive. Magazine cuttings of your favorite player or artist can make a huge difference. Moreover, desk mats, decoration pieces, photo frames or even arranging your books in an organized way can amp up the beauty of your short-term corporate stay.

These are just some ways to make your short-term corporate stay more pleasant. One word: Do what makes you feel at home and you’ll definitely enjoy your stay.

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