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Four Ways to Maximize Space in a Studio Apartment

July 17, 2019

The definition of a studio apartment is as compact as the thing itself: an apartment containing one main room. Typically, the bathroom is a separate smaller space, but everything else, kitchen, living, and bedroom are a single space.

Here are four tips to get the most space from your one room!

Creating Space

If your space is closet-challenged, create storage where there is none. Choose a bed with high legs or under-bed storage, and store items underneath. Look up for more storage areas—if the cabinets in your studio apartment kitchen don’t extend to the ceiling, save entertaining pieces like a cake stand or oversize platter in the space between the cabinet and the roof.

Utilize Wall Space

Studio apartments only have so much floor space. When you’re running out of the room, start using the walls as an extra storage area. Shelves, racks, and hooks can give you added space, putting things where you need them but also keeping them out of your way. 

Dividing it Up

Dividing out space is one of the first studio apartment challenges you’ll face. Before you divide and conquer, consider what you will use to separate the room. Most commonly, implementing a shelving unit or bookshelf will provide much more storage space, especially if you’re an avid reader or collector. Whatever you do, try to get as much light to pass through the divider as possible by using open shelves.


Even though your studio apartment is small doesn’t mean you can’t maximize on style! The great thing about having a studio apartment is you don’t need a lot of furniture. For the few pieces that you do have, make them unique and eye-catching. A beautiful headboard for your bed or even an entertainment center that commands attention from all your guests can make your studio apartment interiors fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget your walls. Artwork, murals, and wall decals can make your walls come alive with color and life without much work. The more visually appealing your decor and furnishings, the easier it will be to remember how much space you have in your studio apartment. 

A studio apartment can be looked at with possibilities and creativity when you use the above tips to maximize space in your small apartment. There are several online resources to help you acquire inspiration and ideas to decorate your studio apartment. Decide what your storage dilemmas are and then choose where you want to maximize your storage and how to make it look bigger. Purge as many items that you don’t need and use regularly and then begin to optimize your apartment!